Making the perfect macaron is equal parts creativity and technical skill. Creativity comes into play when developing flavors and designing the macarons appearance. Color combination, flavor combination, and the overall aesthetic are all factors.

The technical phase comes with shell production. A macaron shell only has four main ingredients, making proper technique crucial. And that's not even considering the environments, moisture content of each ingredient, humidity, and barometric pressure in Georgia.

Lan, our seasoned macaron baker, finished at the Culinary Institute of America confident in her macaron skills. But once she found herself in a Southern kitchen, with unfamiliar ingredients and climate, she ended up with a disaster on her hands rather than a batch of delicious confectioneries.


It was in that moment the kitchen became her laboratory. Experimentation became the norm, trying out new techniques and ingredient combinations. We’ve even worked directly with our almond farmers to tweak moisture content for a more consistent product.

Once the scientific part was squared away we moved on to creating new flavors, a process that quickly got out of hand once we realized the sky was the limit. To this day we regularly release seasonal flavors on a rolling basis, so make sure you stock up on some of your new favorites before they’re gone.