General Questions

Who is Mac Lab?

How are your macarons made?

What is the difference between a macaRON vs a macaROON?

What flavors do you have daily?

I've received my package in the mail, now what?

How do I store my macarons, if I don’t choose to eat it right away?

When I receive my package in the mail, how do I store them?

Are your products gluten-free?

How can I purchase Mac Lab macarons?

Custom Order

How much in advance should I place my customized order?

What customizations can I do?

Can I get macarons customized for a small event?

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship currently?

Do you ship outside of United States?

When will my order arrive?

Do you have a return policy?

How will my package arrive?

What if my macarons come broken?

Delivery, Pick-Up, and Shipping Details?